Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are what we believe in. They identify, for all employees, what’s important. These core principles and priorities inform Rosedale Home’s mission and vision.

Our Commitment to Residents & Families:

As partners in care, residents and families must be involved in all decisions. We believe in open and honest communication with residents and families and keeping them informed of changes in health status or treatment.

  • We are resident advocates, first, last, and always. We are the eyes, the ears & the hearts of our residents, and the last line of protection. If we see or hear things that concern us, we need to take it to the appropriate party to ensure that the residents’ rights are upheld.
  • We maintain and promote quality of life by ensuring that every individual resident functions at their optimal level in all dimensions of life, such as physical, psychological, spiritual, and social.
  • We promote resident-centred care that respects the resident’s right to choose.
  • We respect & promote the Residents’ Bill of Rights including the right to privacy, right to dignity, and to confidentiality.
  • We provide care and services utilizing an interdisciplinary team approach, without discrimination, in a safe and caring environment.

Our Commitment to Each Other

Employees at all levels need to know how their jobs fit into the work at Rosedale Home, how others’ roles fit with their own, and have clear expectations in terms of their own performance. They need to be supported to make day-to-day decisions within their scope. In the pursuit of excellence, we utilize best practices, evidence-based care, promote quality improvement, and quality of WorkLife (QOWL).

  • We respect each other and each other’s rights:
    • As defined by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Code
    • To work in a safe environment free of harassment and abuse
  • We respect and value the contributions of all staff. Good working relationships, responsibility for our actions, and satisfaction in a job well done are all keys to working at Rosedale Home.
  • We value lifelong learning.
  • We share the goal of providing excellent service to the residents of Rosedale and we commit to:
    • Accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with each other.
    • Talk promptly and directly to whomever we have a problem.
    • Build relationships that are respectful, regardless of job titles.
    • No bickering, back-biting or blaming.
  • We will not complain about each other. If we hear anyone complaining about someone we commit to tell them to talk directly to that person.
  • We accept each other as we are today, forgiving the past.
  • We are committed to finding solutions to problems, rather than complaining about them or blaming someone for them.
  • No one is perfect and human errors are opportunities, not for shame or guilt but for forgiveness and growth.

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for residents, their families, and staff. There is an important connection between excellence in care and organizational safety. Safety awareness and practices in our workplace can significantly reduce the risk of injury to our residents and employees.

Our Commitment to Transparency

Communication is the cornerstone of building relationships. It is vital to not only confirm that information is not only shared, but also that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. This will strengthen the quality of the care we provide.

  • We recognize the need for transparency and the sharing of appropriate information at all levels.
  • We provide staff with opportunities to be a part of decision-making processes and an atmosphere that encourages ongoing communication.
  • We recognize the need for information on a need to know basis and only if it is required for care.

Our Commitment to Quality

We commit to strive for quality to mitigate risk and enhance clinical competencies.

  • We strive for excellence in all our endeavours, not only to meet the standards and regulations of the DHW but also to ensure that our mission & vision are integrated into our daily work.
  • Mistakes are optional, the truth is not. We are responsible to openly admit mistakes and errors in human judgement, and always speak the truth of what we know and what happened.
  • We learn, forgive, and grow as an organization by taking ownership of things we could have done better.
  • We are individually responsible for the things we withhold or fail to share with our other team members.

Our Commitment to Leadership

We value quality leadership that includes succession planning to ensure smooth transitions. We recognize that future growth depends on our ability to initiate, facilitate and adapt to change. We will be supportive and sensitive to the challenges initiated by the change and will provide strong leadership to support the staff through transitions. Leadership can occur within both formal or informal roles throughout Rosedale Home.