Nutrition and Food Services

The scope and function of the Nutrition and Food Services Department is to provide optimal nutritional care and quality food service for residents, staff, and guests. All meals and snacks served in our home are prepared on-site from scratch to ensure maximum freshness, taste and nutritional value.

Delivery of this service is met by ensuring the provision of meal service that pleases and satisfies residents while meeting their nutritional requirements. Residents’ food preferences are always considered. The nutrition department provides a variety of foods that please and satisfy guests in a pleasant homelike atmosphere. The weekly menu is posted for residents and families to view.

Specialized diets are developed and closely monitored for residents with unique dietary needs as a result of diabetes, heart disease or other specific conditions.

Residents requiring specific dietary restrictions or texture modifications are assessed by the dietitian. Changes in diet are communicated with the physician, nursing staff, resident, and family.

We have an in-house registered dietitian who provides dietary requirement assessments for each resident as part of our integrated health care team. The dietitian works closely with nursing staff and other health professionals to ensure all residents’ nutritional needs are met. The dietitian will visit each resident and contact family members to discuss dietary issues and concerns. Information on health and nutrition is also provided to staff and volunteers through in-services and one-on-one meetings. The dietitian also provides input in menu planning and revisions

Individualized nutritional care plans are developed in consultation with family members, residents, and other health care team members.

Our menus offer a choice at every meal and are changed regularly to offer a wide variety of delicious, nutritious meals. As well, residents can provide their feedback and we will make changes based on their suggestions and preferences.